Technoloy’s managed cloud services encompass the partial or complete management and control of client’s cloud environment, including migration, maintenance, and optimization. This helps ensure that cloud resources run efficiently. Outsourcing cloud management to us reduces new hiring and training costs.

Our managed cloud services can provide private, public, and hybrid cloud environments. We will work with you collaboratively and evaluate your applications and data to determine the best cloud resources for your IT infrastructure. Then, we create a custom plan detailing the steps to build and run an optimized cloud environment.

Why Technoloy for Managed Cloud Services?

Collaborating with a managed cloud services provider like Technoloy can help organizations achieve numerous goals, both within IT and in the business at large. These outcomes include reduced complexity, improved cost control, and accelerated growth and innovation.

The cloud is a catalyst for growth and new opportunities for IT transformation. Selecting the right cloud strategy unlocks the potential for innovation and meaningful business outcomes.

Your business cannot afford to wait. Neither can it afford to migrate thoughtlessly. A poorly managed cloud migration can disrupt business, put data at risk, and break the budget. Our managed cloud services help you migrate smarter so you can get the benefits of the cloud without the risks.

We’ll Help You Migrate Purposely.

Our managed cloud services will help you be more deliberate about your migration so you can avoid the public cloud pitfalls of the past. To ensure a healthy data migration, we start with three essential services:

  • Workload assessment

Together, we will assess your current workloads and determine which are appropriate for the public cloud.

  • Cloud preference

The public cloud to private cloud ratio is unique for every business. We will find the perfect mix for your organization.

  • Migration strategy

We will develop a custom cloud roadmap that details the steps required to start your IT transformation.